At Whapow we’re producing preloaded and flavored Greenergizers and building a whole community enterprise around them. These little Greenergizers of pure Whapow-er create loads of collaborative opportunities for creative people, from entrepreneurs to foodies and health gurus,

and we want to share them. We crowd source input because when a whole community contributes, movements gain momentum, and when we combine forces, the value of our ideas and the benefits increase for everyone.

Personal Benefits

Whapow is a Greenergizer made from allnatural ingredients that power you up in mind AND body. Its high protein content boosts your energy and helps your digestion. It’s rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3; vitamin A, iron, antioxidants, and so much more. Packed with over 100 different vitamins, minerals and nutrients and frozen to preserve the goodness, to say it’s pretty nutritious would be an understatement.



Community Benefits

We’re partnering with chefs, nutritionists and foodies to go further than simply making pure energizing nutrition with lovely health benefits. The aim is to bring the community together and support artistic and innovative efforts to further the cause. What’s more, every Whapow product price tag includes a donation to one of our mission-related projects. Wordcount

Planet Benefits

Whapow is good for you and the people around you but also for the planet. Since the production of Whapow ingredients actually absorbs C02, it creates a negative carbon footprint. What’s more, replacing meat and fish in our diet with alternative proteins like Whapow can reduce the overfishing of our oceans and the scary deforestation that’s happening all over the world.


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